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About Us

Charge Buddy is a Power Bank Rental system that allows users to charge their mobile phones without either being stuck in one location or having to leave their phones behind as they charge it. It is a quick, cheap, and simple system to use that benefits both merchants and customers.

Charge Buddy provides the phone charging station and manages the system through a sophisticated shared power bank rental app that allows users to locate and rent a Charge Buddy and keep it for as long as they like without being attached to a cable.



Why Charge Buddy?

As mobile phones become more powerful and even more important to us so the need for constantly recharging our phones has increased exponentially. Many of us carry a power bank or charging cable so that we can give our phones a boost during the day. Often, we can’t be bothered carrying all this stuff around with us and our only solution is to effectively stop using our phones to preserve what battery charge is left in case of emergency.

Often, we will ask to borrow a charge cable from the café, restaurant, hotel or even shopkeeper just so we can boost our phone charge enough to get us through the rest of the day. More often than not we can’t find a kindly soul who will lend us their charger and we simply have to lay off using our phones until we get home to our charger.

Simply download the Charge Buddy App and find a phone charging station near you. Scan the QR code, register and take the power bank with you until your phone is charged enough for you to continue your day and then return your Charge Buddy to the nearest available power bank rental station. Easy!



With shared power bank rental locations all over Australia its easy to rent a Power Buddy.

Business Consultancy

Download App & Locate a Charge Buddy

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Take your Charge Buddy

Business Consultancy

Use the App to Locate a Charge Buddy Station

Help To Grow Business

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Charge Buddy for your business

Charge Buddy is a new way for businesses to provide a much-needed service to their clients which will attract new customers to their business and make money!

Mobile phones are consuming more and more battery power, and many require a recharge during the day or evening. Some businesses have already installed costly phone charging stations for mobile phones but for most the cost is prohibitive. Our shared power bank rental system is simple to use and hassle free. Charge Buddy does all the administration of the system for you and we provide you with an app so that you can easily manage your system and monitor how much money you are making in real time. It couldn’t be easier!

Our phone charging stations costs less than $30 per annum to operate. It requires almost zero work from you or your staff. Simply leave your Charge Buddy power bank rental station in a visible location in your business and watch the money (and customers!) come in.

We offer innovative and cost-effective ownership and profit share alternatives.


Our Phone Charging stations for business

Busisness Planning

6-bank phone charging station

Perfect for smaller café’s, restaurants and shops. Small footprint so it takes up very little space. Available with or without advertising screen!

Busisness Consultency

12-bank phone charging station

Larger businesses will require a larger machine to cope with the demand for Charge Buddy. Make sure that you never run out of power banks to keep your customers happy and attract more power-hungry customers to your business! Available with or without advertising screen!

Financial Services

24-bank phone charging kiosk

Perfect for larger locations such as shopping centres, theme parks, airports, hotels and many other larger locations. Our 24-bank machine comes complete with advertising screen that will attract customers keen to recharge their phones. It can also be used to advertise other services you offer.


  • Attract new customers to your business! People who have downloaded the Charge Buddy app will be able to locate your business and come to you in order to rent a Charge Buddy. Many will stay for at least a coffee and some will become regular customers.
  • Reduce the cost and inconvenience of supplying your customers with chargers and charging wires. Prevent losing chargers and the costs associated with replacing them.
  • Leave staff to do the job they are paid for and not have to deal with requests for chargers.
  • Turn a loss maker in your business into a money maker for your business!

Partner with us

Charge Buddy is looking for quality partners to invest in phone charging kiosks for highly profitable locations all over Australia. Be part of the Charge Buddy revolution!


Contact Us

If you need any more information on our shared power bank rental app or phone charging stations please contact us here, call 07 5372 8533 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is Shared Power Bank rental?
    • Finding a Charge Buddy power bank rental station
    • How do I rent a power bank?
    • Check the “How it works” section of the app where the process is explained in detail.
    • Can I use my phone while recharging?
    • Absolutely! No more being tied to cables and power points!
    • How do I return the power bank?
    • The Charge Buddy app will show you the closest Charge Buddy phone charging stations and how many empty slots there are at these stations. Locate the most convenient phone charging kiosk and push your power bank in until you hear a click. Check your “Transactions” under your “Account” to make sure the return has been registered
    • I have not received a verification code for the app. What should I do?
    • Please first check that you have signal on your phone, if this doesn't work please check you have correctly entered your mobile number, if this still doesn't work then please contact our support team and we will help get an account setup for you. Alternatively sign in using your Facebook or Google account.
    • When do I get charged for using a Charge Buddy battery?
    • The first 5 minutes of shared power bank rental is free. After this period, you will be charged on an hourly basis. You will be charged at the end of your rental period. If you have used a credit card, then your pre-authorisation will be cancelled, and your rental charged based on hours used. If you have a balance on your wallet, we will take the rental charge from your wallet.
    • How long will a refund take to appear on my credit/debit card?
    • 2-3 working days is the norm although it varies depending on your bank.
    • Why do I need to use my credit/debit card?
    • In order to rent a Charge Buddy shared power bank, you must first upload a credit/debit card to authorise your identity and just in case the battery does not get returned we are compensated for the lost power bank.
    • How do I know how long I have had the power bank for and how much it has cost me?
    • This information is shown within the app, as soon as you take the power bank from the phone charging kiosk a time is shown with the exact cost as it accumulates.
    • How do I top up My Wallet?
    • To top up your wallet, head to “My Account” Click "My Wallet” click “top up' to add money to your account.
    • Is it possible to reserve a battery?
    • You cannot currently reserve a power bank
    • Can I take a Charge Buddy when I travel?
    • If you are travelling between different towns or cities check that the destination town or city has a Charge Buddy phone charging kiosk. If it does, then there is no problem travelling with Charge Buddy.
    • What do I do if the phone charging station is empty?
    • If the phone charging station is empty, look on the Charge Buddy app to find the nearest phone charging station to rent a power bank.
    • What do I do if the shared power bank rental station I want to return my battery to is full?
    • If the phone charging kiosk is full look on the Charge Buddy app to find the nearest phone charging station to return your power bank. If none are available call us and we will let you know what to do.
    • What do I do if I cannot release a battery from the phone charging station?
    • Please contact our support team and we will happily take you through the process and try and remedy this for you.
    • How do I report a faulty battery?
    • Please report a faulty battery via the app or contact support team.
    • The Charge Buddy shared power bank rental app is not working. What should I do?
    • Please first restart your app. If this does not work, please delete and reinstall the app. If this does not work then please contact our support tea via our website www.Charge and we will help you out!
    • What do I do if I rent a battery that isn't fully charged?
    • The Charge Buddy phone charging kiosk will never release a battery unless it is fully charged. In the unlikely event that one is released with insufficient charge then please contact our support team
    • Can I rent a power bank for someone else?
    • This is not possible at the moment. Currently your friend will have to download the app and register by themselves.
    • What do I do if I think I have been over charged?
    • Our system is pretty bullet proof when it comes to charging you the correct amount but if you feel you have been over charged please contact our support team.
    • What happens if I rent the shared power bank and there is no cable?
    • If there is no cable present, please first return the battery to the power bank rental station. We would appreciate if you could report this via email. You will not be charged for this battery as the first 5 minutes is free. Please then continue to rent another power bank..
    • Are the Charge Buddy batteries waterproof?
    • Our battery is only splash proof and so is not fully waterproof. If you drop your Charge Buddy power bank in water, please contact support immediately.
    • Can the battery charge multiple devices at a time?
    • The Charge Buddy power bank rental system can only charge one device at a time. If you rent a power bank you can use it with as many devices as you like, but they must be plugged in separately.
    • Can I use cash to pay for the shared power bank rental?
    • Unfortunately not, our service can only be used via electronic payment, using a suitable debit or credit card.
    • How long does it take to fully charge my phone?
    • Our Charge Buddy power banks have quick-charge technology built in which allow most phones to be fully charged in less than two hours. The exact time is dependent on which phone you own.
    • Can a Charge Buddy power bank charge my other devices?
    • Yes! The Charge Buddy the shared power bank rental system can charge any device which uses the following cable types (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Micro USB (Android phones, cameras, GoPro, wireless headphones etc) or USB-C (Newer Android phones/tablets).
    • How many times can a Charge Buddy power bank charge up my phone?
    • A Charge Buddy power bank holds 5000mAh of charge. Depending on which phone model you have, you should be able to get up to 2 full charges.
    • What happens if there are no power banks available at the Charge Buddy phone charging station?
    • In the unlikely event that this happens please use the Charge Buddy app to locate your next closest power bank rental station.
    • What do I do if I cannot return a power bank?
    • Make sure that you are returning the power bank the correct way around (cables on top). You will hear a click as the power bank locks in place. Check your app to make sure the power bank is registered as returned.
    • Power Bank not working
    • Please make sure the cable is correctly pushed into your phone. On some models of power banks, you also need to push the power button to start the charge. This is located on the side of the power bank and is a bright colour so that it can be easily located.
    • What happens if I lose the power bank or don’t return it within 5 days?
    • When you rent the power bank, we pre-authorise your credit card for $25. This is to cover the cost of a lost power bank and the cost will be deducted from your credit card. If you are using a debit card, then the $25 will be taken from your wallet.
    • How much does a Charge Buddy cost to rent?
    • The charge varies from phone charging station to phone charging station. This information is contained in your app.
    • How do I check that the power bank is fully charged when I rent it?
    • Check the led lights at the side of the power bank. There should be at least 4 led lights lit up.
    • How to delete bank card from shared power bank rental app
    • If you want to remove your bank card details from the app, follow this process: Click on your “Payment Methods” under “My Account” click on the cross on the top of the card you want to delete from the app and. click "Delete" This will delete your details from our database.
    • What happens when my usage exceeds my wallet balance?
    • You cannot exceed the balance on your wallet as it already has the deposit on your charge bank at $25.
    • Can I buy your power banks?
    • Unfortunately not as they will only work with the Charge Buddy charging station and app.
    • How do I get a phone charging station for my business?
    • If you want a Charge Buddy phone charging station for business, please contact our sales team at
    • What are the benefits of Charge Buddy phone charging stations for business?
    • Attract new customers. Free up staff time. Add a valuable service to your customers for free. Advertise your business to our Charge Buddy shared power bank rental system users

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